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Perkins Turbo


Delivery Time:5-30 days

Supply capability:5000 per month

Packing:XINDONGLI Packing or Neutral packing


Port:Dalian Port,ShangHai Port




1, Passed ISO 9001:2008 quality management system certification.

2, product manufacturing to follow the OE product quality standards.

3, Turbine wheel material is selected of casting high temperature K418 Nickel -based superalloy

4, 100% balanced for shaft and turbocharger assy ,to achieve the minimum fraction defective, ensure that the product stability in the using process.

5, product quality warranty is 12 months

6, can be customized according to customer samples development, 30 to 45 days after receipt of the samples can provide products.

Model Part NO. /OEM. Application.
TBP4 452089-5003 2674A059  PHASER 210TL
TBP4 702422-5001 2674A028 PHASER 160TL
TBP4 702422-5002 2674A128 PHASER 210TL
TBP4 702422-5003 2674A129 PHASER 210TL
TBP4 702422-5004 2674A082 PHASER 160TL
TBP4 702422-5005 2674A128 PHASER 210TL
TBP4 702422-5006 2674A129 PHASER 210TL
TBP4 702422-5008 2674A059 PHASER 210TL
TB4131 466828-0003 2674A110 T6.60 
TB25 727530-5001 T2674A150B PHASER 135TL
TB25 727530-5002 T2674A150A PHASER 135TL
GT25 786362-5001S T748010009 PHASER 140TI
GT25 2674A404 N14G2
GT25 758714-5001  1104A-44T
GT2049S 754111-0007 2674A421 1103A
GT2052 727266-5001S 2674A391 1004-40T
GT2256S 762931-1 Scout 4.4L
TB2558 727530-5003 452065-5003 2674A150 PHASER 135TL
TB2565 452073-0004 2674A056 1004-4 THR
TA3120 466854-0001 2674A394 1004.4THR
T250-02 452061-0005  2674A066 1004.4T
TO4E35 452077-5004S 2674A080  1006.6THR3
711736-5001S 2674A200  T4.40
GT25 711736-0026 2674A226  T4.40 
GT25 2674A101 T4.40 
GT2556S 2674A209 T4.40 
GT3267 452234-5006 2674A335
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